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Firm Members

Theodore Giovanis, FHFMA, MBA

Mr. Giovanis is president and founder of T. Giovanis & Company. His experiences include work in government relations, health policy development, and management of health care organizations covering nearly four decades. He has been involved in the development of many Medicare regulatory and legislative policy changes such as the creation of the Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board and Section 508 Reclassifications. Mr. Giovanis assists many organizations in developing and executing strategies to capitalize on or respond to government initiated laws and regulations. Mr. Giovanis is a recognized expert in Medicare and Medicaid regulation and has been an expert witness in numerous court cases. Examples of the type of engagements in which Mr. Giovanis has participated include: legislative and regulatory advocacy; the evaluation of the reimbursement impact of combining hospitals; the development of health care subsidiaries; assisting compliance officers; securing specialty provider status such as SCH and CAH; developing home office cost structures; and completing hospital DSH payment reviews. Also, Mr. Giovanis was solely responsible for the identification and prosecution of the rural floor budget neutrality issue, which resulted in a multibillion-dollar settlement for hospitals nationally. Contact Mr. Giovanis.

J. Graham Atkinson, D.Phil.

Dr. Atkinson leads many of the firm’s engagements involving health policy development.  Dr. Atkinson holds a Doctorate degree from Oxford University.  He was one of the original developers of the Maryland case mix reimbursement system.  He has served as an expert in various court cases and is widely recognized for his health policy expertise.  Dr. Atkinson has been involved in the design and development of various RUGs based nursing facility payment systems; DRG, APC, and APG outpatient payment systems; and the Medicare payment system for ambulance services.  He has also been extensively involved in the development of state rate systems.  In addition, he has performed several projects dealing with various Attorney Generals in litigations involving the use of mathematical analyses. Contact Dr. Atkinson.

Rodney Spangler, CPA

Mr. Spangler participates in many of the firm’s reimbursement engagements such as the review of hospital wage data and the development of Medicaid days. Generally, his practice areas include Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and the analysis and review of data supporting policy changes. Mr. Spangler’s prior experiences include work with a regulatory body which governed and set the rates for hospitals. His work has included the development of the adjustments in hospital payment systems including the adjustments for labor costs and the underpinning data. As such, he has overseen the collection and review of hospital reported data including wage and salary data, hospital statistics, and case mix data. Contact Mr. Spangler.

Kristina Giovanis, BSIE

Ms. Giovanis joined T. Giovanis & Company in 2006 with responsibility as the project manager of the rural floor budget neutrality appeal, representing the largest ever-filed federal case against the Medicare program.  Ms. Giovanis administered the throughput of the appeals for the 700+ hospitals covering numerous years, and this fostered the most efficient processing of appeal information.  Ms. Giovanis also participates in engagements involving other aspects of hospital payments and operations.  Her ability to take on such large projects is influenced by her industrial engineering background, extensive analytic skills, and ability to oversee project development.  As such, Ms. Giovanis has completed a diverse array of projects involving the utilization of simulation models to analyze throughput, inventory and supply chain management, as well as projects in the human factors/ergonomics arena.  Contact Ms. Giovanis.

Charlotte Kohler, CPA, LPN

Ms. Kohler is president of Kohler Healthcare Consulting and leads many of the firm’s engagements in the areas of outpatient, physician, and compliance as well as participating in many inpatient engagements.  Ms. Kohler has consulted on a wide variety of engagements such as the evaluation, acquisition, and management of physician practices and outpatient and ambulatory surgery centers.  Her work includes the areas of charge master reviews and implementation of Medicare outpatient (APCs).  She has served as a compliance officer of a major health system and is a certified appraiser.  Ms. Kohler has participated extensively in the design and development of educational programs, many of which are focused on billing and coding issues.

Dale Schumacher, MD, MPH

Dr. Schumacher is president and CEO of the Rockburn Institute and assists the firm when the services of a physician are required.  Dr. Schumacher is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.  His prime expertise is in the area of evidence based medicine, quality measurement, and bench marking.  However, Dr. Schumacher also has knowledge of many payment and reimbursement areas.