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Disproportionate Share Hospital

Disproporionate ShareDisproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Review

What are T. Giovanis & Company Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) services?

The review encompasses both the Medicaid day and SSI portions of the criteria, uses a multi-disciplinary technique, identifies additional reimbursement by identifying new areas, and deploys unique databases to help identify opportunity areas.

What is the T. Giovanis & Company approach to DSH services?

The review approach uses a copyrighted questionnaire, uses interviews with hospital personnel, deploys proprietary databases, uses sophisticated analytic techniques, and integrates information from hospital, MAC, and Medicaid plans.

Why are there DSH opportunities?

Regulatory complexity, changing rules, intermediary issues, and lack of thorough understanding of interrelated issues tend to have a lowering effect on Medicaid day and SSI percentages.  A systematic review using sophisticated analytic techniques which leads to improvement is necessary.

What is unique about T. Giovanis & Company’s qualifications and approaches?

T. Giovanis & Company uses a “principals-based” approach coupled with unique databases and sophisticated analytics, a broad base of experience with this issue, and experiences in many states.

What are the results of T. Giovanis & Company DSH reviews?

This process results in improved, but appropriate, increases in payment.  The hospital will be able to track its own data in the future, and our approach can produce results even after other consultants have worked on the issue.